About Me

I am a Ph.D. student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Rice University. I am a member of the Scalable Health Lab. I work with Dr. Ashutosh Sabharwal and Dr. Ashok Veeraraghavan on developing mobile bio-behavioral sensing and inference technologies. I am a part of the research team of the NSF PATHSUP-ERC which aims at developing advanced health systems for underserved communities targeted for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes

My research interests are in bio-behavioral sensing and quantifying different dimensions of human behavior and physiology through signal processing, computer vision, and data science.

I completed my Masters of Science degree at Rice in 2018. My master’s thesis was on robust heart rate variability estimation using cameras. In the summer of 2019, I interned at AI Research Apple where I worked on interpretable deep neural networks for health under the guidance of Dr. Siddharth Khullar and Dr. Nicholas Apostoloff. 

Before coming to Rice I completed my undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology(ISM) Dhanbad. During the summer before my senior year, I was a Mitacs Research Intern at Laval University where I worked on simulations and digital signal processing for optical communication with Dr. Leslie Rusch


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CameraHRV: Non-Contact Heart Rate Variability Estimation Using Cameras

Amruta Pai, Ashok Veeraraghavan, Ashutosh Sabharwal

We developed a new algorithm, CameraHRV, for robustly extracting HRV even in low SNR such as is common with iPPG recordings. We use frequency demodulation to obtain HRV from the instantaneous frequency of the iPPG signal.

HealthSense: Software-defined Mobile-based Clinical Trials

Aidan Curtis, Amruta Pai, Jian Cao, Nidal Moukaddam, Ashutosh Sabharwal

HealthSense is an innovative platform for managing, hosting, and conducting large scale longitudinal studies that gather both behavioral and biological data, for novel bio-behavioral studies.